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Enel X
Case study of Enel X

Enel X has worked hard to develop digital tools to support governments in accessing data and translating that data into information to be used for sustainable urban planning. During the pandemic, we designed and developed Enel X City Analytics Mobility Map: an interactive map that allows the user to view daily mobility variations in cities. The map has now been available at no charge. Open Data is a set of data available and freely accessible from public portals or alternative sources, like satellites and community open sources. Using the Open Data available in Italy and through collaboration with universities, Enel X developed three complementary sustainability indicators: Circular City Index, 15 Minute City Index, and CO2 City Index. It is possible to compare these indexes with the results of other Italian municipalities, providing administrations with a greater awareness of strengths and areas for improvement.
The analysis and constructive comparison aim to support the planning and execution of projects for all-around urban sustainability, maintaining the well-being of residents as the primary goal. Residents, in turn, can contribute to the collection of data and information for public administrations, triggering a virtuous cycle.



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Enel X

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Circular City| Enel X Japan
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