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Since 2021, Enel X supported the Monitor for Circular Fashion – aimed at providing a clear overview of the maturity of the circular economy in the Italian fashion industry. The Monitor for Circular Fashion features a representative cross-section of the Italian fashion industry throughout the supply chain (participants included OVS, Vibram, Radici Group, Vivienne Westwood, Candiani Denim, and others) with the goal of mapping and analyzing industry dynamics and trends in the coming 5-10 years, and examining these trends and how the 2030 Agenda will influence business models. The companies were analyzed using the Enel X methodologies at the basis of the CE Report, in order to understand their positioning with respect to energy-related cross-sector KPIs. The companies followed a training course on topics of the circular economy as applied to the fashion industry, with a special focus on the themes of supply chain transparency and traceability, as well as energy efficiency and decarbonization. In September 2021, during Milan Fashion Week, a Report on the first edition of the Monitor was presented. In it, alongside the results of SDA and Enel X’s analysis, a circular pathway for each business model was suggested, to identify concrete actions to begin or step up the transition of companies in the industry.



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