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SequencEnergy CO., LTD
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The transformation of energy in the last few years, brought about by soaring electricity bills, has been tremendous, and people are not a little worried about the future.
Furthermore, unfortunately, preparations for frequent disasters are not sufficiently prepared, and the current situation is that the introduction of renewable energy and storage batteries is not progressing due to the cost of introducing renewable energy and storage batteries.
Then, even if it is not on the roof of your home, if you install a panel on the veranda or storeroom, and have a portable power supply, the threshold is low, and foundations and construction are almost unnecessary, which leads to peace of mind in the event of a disaster. increase.
I think it's important to make this a price range that anyone can afford, and I'm doing it every day.
Using electricity derived from natural energy will be an incentive, and we will expand this initiative, which will also save electricity costs, as it will be prepared for disasters while resisting global warming.



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SequencEnergy CO., LTD

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