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Tray to Tray

FP Corporation
Case study of FP Corporation

<What it is >
It is a “Closed-loop” recycling system where consumers, retailers, package distributors and FP Corp. 
participate in collection of used foamed containers for recycling them back into food containers again.
<What it does >
Consumers wash and dry used containers and bring them to collection boxes at retailers.
Package distributors and FP Corp. gather the containers by utilizing distribution trucks.
FP Corp. recycles the containers back into its raw material.
This 4-party-system makes it possible to recycle our precious resources over and over again .
<What it contributes to >
Annually, 1.9 billion pieces (7,650t) of used foamed containers are collected as a circular resource which results in reduction of garbage.
Use of FP Corporation’s “Eco-Tray®” results in reduction of life cycle CO2 by 30% which contributes to ease global warming.



Name of Organization

FP Corporation

Further information

food tray container FP Corporation
https://www.fpco.jp/en.htmlOpen in New Window

FPCO‘s Food container recycling: 30-year-history
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