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SAP's collaboration with other companies towards sustainability

Case study of SAP

Examples of Sustainability: DIC
DIC is one of Japan’s leading fine chemical manufacturers.

DIC Group has collaborated with SAP on a pilot of GreenToken by SAP, using blockchain technology to boost sustainable outcomes and increase circularity in the chemicals industry by better recovering waste plastics.

Our solution proves that new plastic resins made from recycled feedstock really are circular plastics and provides complete, auditable supply chain transparency.

Examples of Sustainability: Waycool
WayCool is India’s leading food and agri-tech company. It has focused strongly on sustainability, investing in green power, water treatment and reuse, and food waste. These interventions not only avoided 120 tons of carbon emissions and saved 1,980 KL of water, but also delivered economic savings.

Working with SAP, WayCool implemented a comprehensive ESG dashboard with over 90% accuracy across clean energy, water efficiency, waste management, and GHG benchmarking.

Examples of Sustainability: Salzgitter AG
Utilizes SAP's sustainability solutions to collect and consolidate emissions data, achieving transparency about its carbon footprint across the company.

SAP's Role in the Catena-X Decarbonization Initiative
Catena-X is a collaborative project initiated by major automotive and IT stakeholders, including BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Bosch, Siemens, ZF Friedrichshafen, and notably, SAP. The initiative's core objective is to standardize data and information flows throughout the automotive value chain, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

SAP's significant contribution to Catena-X is the "SAP Sustainability Data Exchange" application. This tool facilitates the secure exchange of standardized sustainability data, helping accelerate supply chain decarbonization. It employs standards from the Partnership for Carbon Transparency, underscoring SAP's commitment to fostering sustainable data networks in the automotive sector.

In essence, Catena-X represents a concerted industry effort to transition towards a sustainable future, with SAP playing a pivotal role in this endeavor.



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