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United Kingdom
Wholegrain Digital
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Released in 2017, Website Carbon is the world's first carbon calculator for websites. Now (2023) on its third iteration, this open source tool calculates the energy and carbon emissions of websites, helping businesses to measure their digital carbon footprint, so that they can take steps to reduce it. This tool has now completed several million tests and is continuously reviewed and updated as new data becomes available. The current version (v.3) also represents a step towards a standardised approach to calculating these emissions through collaboration on the open source methodology. Wholegrain Digital is also now working on a new grading system for this calculator, which will allow businesses to compare their results with those who have previously used the calculator using a rating system similar to familiar energy ratings used for other products and services in Europe. The most up-to-date methodology can be found at https://sustainablewebdesign.orgOpen in New Window


United Kingdom

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Wholegrain Digital

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Website Carbon Calculator v3 | What's your site's carbon footprint?
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