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Earth Hero
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Earth Hero serves as a personal guide for people who want to be a part of the solution. The Earth Hero app offers hundreds of actions people can take immediately to reduce carbon pollution, improve their lives, and help influence systemic changes to build a better world. Each suggested action is thoroughly researched and supported by documented scientific data.

Founded in 2019, we are a community of volunteers of more than 100 leading scientists, developers, designers, translators, and communicators. We created the Earth Hero app to make it easy to respond to the climate crisis and improve lives.

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”A Game-Changer for Our Planet! :
Earth Hero is an absolute must-have app for anyone looking to make a tangible difference in environmental conservation. The daily tasks are both achievable and impactful, and it’s so fulfilling to see the carbon savings add up. The design is user-friendly, and the educational components provide enlightening insights into our planet’s well-being. Kudos to the team for making environmental action so accessible and engaging. Highly recommend for those looking to pave the way for a greener future. ★★★★★!”


United States

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Earth Hero

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