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Case study of Allbirds

Allbirds has created the world’s first net zero carbon shoe, the M0.0NSHOT. Its landmark carbon footprint — 0.0 kg CO₂e, versus an industry average of 14 kg CO₂e — was achieved without relying on offsets, after Allbirds completely reimagined the way it makes product.

This is one small footprint for a shoe, but could be one giant leap for the shoe industry, so Allbirds is open-sourcing the toolkit that took M0.0NSHOT to zero, and inviting others to follow in its footsteps.

“Creating a net zero carbon shoe that is commercially viable and scalable is the culmination of our entire back-catalog of work. M0.0NSHOT isn’t a silver bullet for the climate crisis — it’s a proof-point that, when we take sustainability seriously, and are laser focused on carbon reduction, we can make incredible breakthroughs,” says Tim Brown, co-founder and co-CEO of Allbirds.

M0.0NSHOT is the culmination of years of work and Allbirds’s focus on systematically reducing carbon in its business and products since its founding. In 2018, it created SweetFoam®, its first carbon negative material, which informed the new foam used in M0.0NSHOT. Then, in 2019, Allbirds became the first fashion brand to label products with carbon footprints. A year later, the brand announced a partnership with adidas to collaborate on what was, at that point, the lowest carbon shoe in the world: the Adizero x Allbirds.

After this project, shooting for a net zero carbon shoe became the natural next step. The Allbirds Futures Team—a cross-functional innovation team—took on that challenge in 2022, harnessing all of the brand’s previous learnings to design M0.0NSHOT.


United States

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