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Decarbonization-themed Mystery Solving Game Event

Sagamihara City
Case study of Sagamihara City

Sagamihara City, in collaboration with Sagamiko Resort ‘‘Pleasure Forest’’, is hosting a decarbonization-themed Mystery Solving Game Event called "Message from the Falling Future." As participants explore the amusement park area inside the resort while solving puzzles and discovering hidden clues, they can gain a deeper understanding and interest in decarbonization. The event is designed to be enjoyed not only for entertainment but also as an educational opportunity, so it is perfect for school events and other educational outings.
* Mystery Solving Game : immersive storyline and puzzles leading to the resolution of bigger narrative.
* Sagamiko Resort ‘‘Pleasure Forest’’: A multifaceted amusement park resort in Sagamihara City, boasting not only thrill rides but also a giant maze, athletic facilities, and BBQ areas, all set against a lush, natural backdrop.

"Message from the Falling Future"
【Venue】Sagamiko Resort ‘‘Pleasure Forest’’, Amusement Park Area
【Time】During regular operating hours of the amusement park area
【Duration】Approximately 1-2 hours
【Fee】1 kit for 500 yen (Park admission fee is separate)
【Purchase Location】Shop counter
【Language】Sorry, only available in Japanese

The event is a challenging, narrative-based approach to promoting awareness and understanding of decarbonization.
If you can use Japanese and happen to be in Sagamihara city, you can enjoy it.
We highly encourage you to experience it for yourself.



Name of Organization

Sagamihara City

Further information

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