G7 Platform for Net-zero and
Well-being in Life

Dissemination of a mushroom cultivation method using fermented mushroom beds and a dedicated system that enables recycling-oriented agriculture.

LaLa Corporation
Case study of LaLa Corporation

Using raw materials such as cotton hulls and microorganisms derived from the raw materials, with electricity, potable water, and the Internet, we will disseminate equipment for cultivating mushrooms with reduced greenhouse gas emissions in advanced fermentation processes. The name of this device is called the Mush Fermentor System, and in Japan it does not even require a sewage treatment facility. We will also disseminate our production know-how. The mushroom beds that have finished growing mushrooms become soil conditioners containing rich microbiomes, restoring the soil, drawing out the power of plants, and reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Mushrooms also contribute to solving food problems by containing high levels of proteins, vitamins, and other healthy components.



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LaLa Corporation

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