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Entire Tokyu lines are operating with 100% renewable energy!

Tokyu Corporation / Tokyu Railways
Case study of Tokyu Corporation / Tokyu Railways

As an action based on the "Environmental Vision 2030" set forth by its parent company, Tokyu Corporation, Tokyu Railways began operating with 100% renewable energy-derived electricity on entire Tokyu's railway lines on April 1, 2022.

This is the first initiative in Japan that all railway lines are operated with effectively zero CO₂ emissions. Railways have the smallest environmental footprint of all passenger transportation, and by using non-fossil certificates with tracking for 100% renewable energy for electricity used in operations and achieving virtually zero CO2 emissions, it has become an increasingly environmentally friendly and accessible means of transportation.

In addition to the renewable energy operation on all railway lines, we will further promote energy-saving measures to reduce power consumption, such as renewal of rolling stock, LED lighting at train stations, and high-efficiency equipment, as part of our efforts to realize a decarbonized society.



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Tokyu Corporation / Tokyu Railways

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