G7 Platform for Net-zero and
Well-being in Life

LION Eco Challenge 2050, and actions.

Lion Corporation
Case study of Lion Corporation

・Carbon neutral product lifecycles (Scope 3) (Decarbonize the value chain)

・Reduce absolute quantity of Scope 1, 2, and 3 CO₂ emissions by 30% in comparison with 2017 by 2030

・Lower petrochemical-derived plastic use rate to 70% or less by 2030

⇒ Develop and supply environmentally friendly products and services through environmentally friendly design

⇒ Increase the sophistication of recycling initiatives and transform to a circular business model

⇒ Promote water- and power-saving habits, and refill and waste-free habits

Examples of actions:
"Acron Smart Care"
A laundry detergent (for delicates) with fabric-softening ingredients that boasts the best damage care in Lion’s history※1, done in half the time※2.
This new technology eliminates the rinse stage, which can damage clothes, and gets clothes outstandingly clean in a short time, not to mention cutting the water and energy used and CO2 generated in half※2.
※1 In a washing cycle with low water flow and 0 rinses
※2 Compared to a cycle with 2 rinses

"Kao and Lion Partner in Film-to-Film Recycling of Used Refill Packs of clothing detergent"
Kao Corporation and Lion Corporation have succeeded in creating the first product making partial use of recycled materials to produce the same type of packaging through recycling of used refill packs.



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Lion Corporation

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Together with the Environment
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Environmental Objectives and Achievements
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Kao and Lion Partner in Film-to-Film Recycling of Used Refill Packs First Product Making Partial Use of Recycled Materials Reaches the Market|News Release | Lion Corporation
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