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Measurement Technology Production Support Service

ZOZO, Inc.
Case study of ZOZO, Inc.

By providing "new ways of shopping and creating," we are contributing to the promotion of a decarbonized lifestyle.

・3D foot measuring tool "ZOZOMAT"
This is a measuring tool that allows easy 3D measurement of foot size using just a smartphone. It accurately measures the length of the foot from the toes to the heels, as well as foot width and arch height in millimeters. By comparing this data with the compatibility of shoes sold on ZOZOTOWN, it provides the degree of compatibility between the user's foot size and the shoes available for sale, enabling them to select the appropriate size without trying them on. With ZOZOMAT suggesting the right size for each pair of shoes, ZOZOMAT-compatible shoes have a 36.9% lower return rate (*) compared to non-compatible shoes, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions generated by transportation.
(*) Compare return rates of ZOZOMAT compatible shoes and non-compatible shoes (Period: February 27, 2020 to October 12, 2020)

・Production support service “Made by ZOZO”
This service provides a production support platform for our business partner brands, offering a low inventory risk made-to-order production and sales approach. Utilizing our unique production system, we can produce from a minimum of one item and deliver to customers in as fast as 10 days from the order placement.



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ZOZO, Inc.