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Promote a highly flexible work style

ZOZO, Inc.
Case study of ZOZO, Inc.

By implementing the following systems and support, we promote a highly flexible work style.

・Full FLEX Time System
We implement this system with the aim of achieving a balance between personal life and work while working efficiently. Our flextime system has no core hours, so employees are free to choose their daily work schedule as long as they meet the monthly required hours.
*Except for some departments

・Family Shortened working hour system
Employees may use up to 2 hours of shortened hours per day in order to balance work and personal life. This system can be used not only for childcare or family nursing care, but also for the support needed by staff members, such as pets and people living together or someone he or she recognizes as "families". Short hours are available in 30-minute units.

・Housing Remote Allowance
A flat monthly allowance of 50,000 yen is provided to all employees.
*No area specified. Actual transportation expenses for coming to work are paid separately.

・Nationwide Remote Work System (Development Division)
This system allows employees to work from anywhere in Japan and allows them to telecommute or work outside the office.
*In some cases, employees may be required to come to work at a location designated by the company due to company events, business reasons, etc.

・Allows secondary jobs
Second jobs are allowed to the extent that they do not affect the main job, except for employment at other companies (by application and permission).



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ZOZO, Inc.

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Benefits and Welfare - ZOZO, Inc.
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