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BlocPower's Clean Energy Transition in NY Buildings

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Case study of BlocPower

BlocPower's expertise in energy solutions and innovative financing options have led to successful transformations in these New York City buildings.

Case 1: Replacing a Gas Boiler with Heat Pumps in a 14-Unit Multifamily Building
The Challenge: Steadily deteriorating building with a failed gas boiler. Landlord was short on cash flows to pay for the equipment upfront.
The Solution: BlocPower partnered with a local contractor to install multi-split air source heat pumps in all 14 units with rooftop condensers. BlocPower secured over $100,000 in incentives to bring down the costs, resulting in a $1,500 monthly payment for the equipment over a 15-year lease. BlocPower's expertise in energy incentives and flexible financing options made it possible to install a modern electric heating and cooling system.

Case 2: Green Upgrades for an 8-Unit Co-op Building
The Challenge: The client was ineligible for additional project finance funding to reduce the costs of upgrades.
The Solution: BlocPower worked with the co-op board to implement green upgrades using an innovative lease payment option. A local contractor was enlisted to install multi-split air source heat pumps and wall-mounted air handler units throughout the building. Over $120,000 in incentives were secured, reducing the monthly equipment payment to $250 over a 15-year lease.

Case 3: Manage, Install and Maintain a Modern, All-Electric Climate Comfort System of Church of Saint Margaret Mary, built in 1923
The challenge: The boiler was 20+ years old, contributing to poor indoor air quality and inefficient heating and cooling. In addition, the fuel tank was replaced over 5 years ago, needing an upgrade.
The Solution: BlocPower project managed numerous contractors to install a heat pump system that heats and cools the two areas of St. Margaret Mary. In the lobby, a 3-ton, 1-zone Daikin heat pump was installed. In the rectory, a 20 tone, 25 zone Daikin heat pump was installed.


United States

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