G7 Platform for Net-zero and
Well-being in Life

A decarbonized lifestyle in Sapporo, a cold and snowy region

City of Sapporo
Case study of City of Sapporo

Sapporo, which is a cold and snowy region, consumes a large amount of energy for heating in winter and is highly dependent on kerosene heating and hot water supply equipment that emits a large amount of CO2.
Therefore, we are focusing on efforts to promote the conversion from heating and hot water units that use kerosene to those that use electricity and gas, which emit less CO2.
Specifically, we will establish a subsidy system to encourage citizens to switch from kerosene-based heating and hot water supply equipment. In addition, we will conduct a survey on comfort and the effect of reducing utility costs for citizens who use this subsidy system and will disseminate the results widely to encourage behavior change.
Furthermore, we will implement campaign projects such as providing a place where people can experience the effects of electric and gas heating at events where many citizens gather.



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City of Sapporo