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The food loss reduction box "fuubo"

ZERO Co., Ltd.
Case study of ZERO Co., Ltd.

The food loss reduction box "fuubo" operated by ZERO Co., Ltd. provides foods due to "near-expiration date" or "package changes". Conventionally, these foods are discarded even though they are still edible.
In addition to being able to purchase foods at a reasonable price than the list price, we calculate how much CO2 would have been emitted if those foods had been incinerated.
By calculating the amount of CO2 based on the weight of the foods, we can see how much fuubo can reduce food waste and potential CO2 emissions.
To use fuubo, you visit the website and select a pickup location and items. After you complete the payment online, you will receive a link in your email. The camera activated if you open the link, and you can unlock the door by scanning QR code on fuubo and can pick up items you bought.
Currently, in Japan, fuubo is available at 65 places like stations, shopping malls, municipal halls, and offices. (As of June 2023)



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ZERO Co., Ltd.

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