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Yourstand Inc.

Yourstand is a EV charging service for residential homes (single- and multi-family homes), offices and factories. For the electrification of vehicles to take place, it is of utmost importance to build a robust and affordable charging infrastructure in homes and workplaces, which is where charging takes place the most. Apart from providing payment, booking and management systems for EV chargers, which is a common feature in EV charging services around the world, Yourstand provides the following value-added features that solve problems unique to Japan, and other Asian countries.

Japan faces two unique conundrums in the electrification of vehicles. Firstly, a substantial proportion of carparks in Japan, especially in the major cities, are mechanical parking systems, which has faced difficulty in installing EV chargers due to the complexity of wirings with the movement of parking bays. Secondly, Japan faces a power supply shortage crisis due to the closure of its nuclear plants after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear crisis. This crisis is deepened further, as Japan's power generation relies heavily on the import of fossil fuels, which has taken its toll on Japan's economy after the Ukrainian war.

To tackle the above conundrums, Yourstand has been developing EV charging systems for mechanical parking, together with major mechanical parking manufacturers. Yourstand can now provide EV charging systems, complete with payment functions and energy management capabilities, in mechanical parking. This could be a solution for crowded cities, especially in Asian countries, where electrification of vehicles is taking off.

Yourstand also provides energy management capabilities including rotational charging and power sharing, as well as dynamic pricing of electrons to encourage EV users to charge during off-peak hours. Currently, Yourstand is working with utility companies to come up with new services where EV charging takes places automatically during off-peak hours.



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Yourstand Inc.

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