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Producing Printed Materials with Virtually Zero CO2 Emissions

Japan Waterless Printing Corporate Association
Case study of Japan Waterless Printing Corporate Association

We, Japan Waterless Printing Corporate Association(JWPA), are working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by utilizing ”Carbon offset” for printed materials, and to promote and expand the use of printed materials with higher environmental value-added.
Printed materials are a necessity in our daily lives and are the bearers of culture.
However, CO2 emissions are generated throughout the life cycle of printed materials, from production to delivery to readers to final disposal, and no matter how much effort is made to reduce CO2 emissions, they cannot be completely eliminated.
Therefore, “Carbon offset” can be used to reduce CO2 emissions to practically zero by using credits generated by other CO2 emission reduction projects to offset the amount of CO2 emissions that could not be reduced to zero.
In addition, it is important that the calculation of CO₂ emissions from the production of printed materials be accurate. In this regard, our calculations are based on LCA for printed materials, and are therefore highly accurate.
In this way, printed materials that utilize carbon offsets have high environmental added value because they have virtually zero CO₂ emissions and also make CO₂ emissions visible.



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Japan Waterless Printing Corporate Association

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