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United Kingdom
Olio Exchange Limited
Case study of Olio Exchange Limited

At Olio, we're on a mission to solve the climate crisis one share at a time.

Olio is a sharing app for local communities, making it easy to give away the things you don’t need to someone else who would value them. We also work with food businesses such as Tesco, Iceland, and Compass Group to redistribute their unsold or unserved food. Our trained volunteers are paired with local supermarkets, cafes and offices to pick up whatever food is left at the end of each day. They then add it to the app for people living nearby to request and collect. That way, we get spare food on tables, rather than it going in the bin.

We've made huge progress since Olio began in 2015. There are 7 million Olio-ers around the world, and 100,000+ volunteers rescuing unsold food from local businesses. Together we've shared 134 million portions of food and 10 million household items - avoiding 155,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions and saving 20 billion litres of water in the process.


United Kingdom

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Olio Exchange Limited

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Olio - Your Local Sharing App
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