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Ground improvement technology (The SST Method) that contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society

SST Association Inc.
Case study of SST Association Inc.

The SST Method, a ground improvement technology developed by our company, can significantly reduce CO2 emissions from ground improvement work.
Looking at cement from which CO2 is emitted at the manufacturing stage, the slurry agitation method, which has been the most commonly used method for the past, adds about 400 kg to 1㎥ of soil, but the SST method is 200 kg at a maximum, and that the SST method is stronger than the conventional method, and that the volume of the columnar improved body is small, CO2 is reduced to more than 50 percent.
In addition, the conventional construction method uses electricity and water to operate the plant, but the SST method does not require a plant, so it does not use any electricity or water, which saves energy and resources.
In addition, the conventional method adds cement and water, so residual soil is always generated, but in the SST method, the volume of the columnar improved body and the surrounding ground can be greatly compressed by compaction, so there is basically no residual soil that imposes a burden on the environment.



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SST Association Inc.

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