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Decokatsu (National Movement for New and Prosperous Lifestyles toward Decarbonization)


In Japan, to achieve the 2050 carbon neutrality and 2030 reduction goals, a new national movement called "Decokatsu※" has been launched to encourage a transformation in the behavior and lifestyle of citizens and consumers. It proposes a vision of citizens' future lives covering all aspects of daily life such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, and shopping, aiming for "Newly Prosperous Lifestyles toward Decarbonized Society in 10 years after“. This initiative is being carried out in collaboration with businesses, local governments, and organizations to create a carbon-neutral and enriched lifestyle for citizens.

※"Decokatsu" is an acronymfor the national movement to create a new enriched lifestyle leading to decarbonization, combining the words "Decarbonization" (DE) for reducing carbon dioxide (CO₂) , "Eco" for environmentally friendly activities and living, and “-Katsu“, the Japanese word for activity and lifestyle.


"Decokatsu" proposes a vision of citizens' future lives covering all aspects of daily life such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, and shopping, aiming for "Newly Prosperous Lifestyles toward Decarbonized Society in 10 years after“. Collaborating with local governments, businesses, and organizations that have joined the public-private partnership council (Decokatsu Support Team※) established simultaneously with the start of "Decokatsu," efforts are being made to support citizens in creating enriched lives. This will promote lifestyle changes, stimulate new consumption and behaviors both domestically and internationally, and generate demand for products and services.

※As of October 30th, 2023, 917 participants (281 local governments, 411 businesses, 189 organizations, and 36 individuals) are involved in the Decokatsu Support Team.

A public-private partnership project※ is being promoted with the Decokatsu Support Team to support the enrichment of citizens‘ and consumers‘ lives. Additionally, to accelerate these efforts, a budget related to "Decokatsu" amounting to 1.88 billion USD (283 billion yen) is being requested for the fiscal year 2024. This includes 780 million USD (117 billion yen) for accelerating energy-saving and CO₂ reduction in housing through measures like promoting insulation window renovations, 230 million USD (34.1 billion yen) for promoting commercial vehicle electrification, and 33.3 million USD (5 billion yen) for new subsidies supporting social implementation.

※As of October 30th, 2023, 75 public-private partnership projects have been established and implemented.

Another specific initiative of Decokatsu is in disseminating information registered by businesses, local governments, and through a newly launched website to support citizens in the following four aspects:

① Support diverse and comfortable ways of working and living using digital tools (telework, regional relocation, workation, etc.).
② Provide and proposing products and services that lead to decarbonization and a new enriched lifestyle.
③ Support behavior change through incentives and effective information dissemination (awareness raising, reinforcement, and consumer input).
④ Propose and support region-specific ways of living (based on climate, culture, etc.).

(Currently published as of October 30th, 2023: ① Digital-related: 30, ② Products and services-related: 161, ③ Incentive-related: 110, ④ Region-related: 29, Total: 330 cases, some may fall under multiple categories)

Additionally, efforts to enrich and improve the citizens‘ lives have been determined through a total of 13 actions:
① "Start Here" 4 actions in line with De-Co-Ka-Tsu
② 3 actions for "CO₂ reduction on your own"
③ 6 actions for "everyone's in this together“
Encouraging and supporting individual Deco-katsu practices in daily life, we will promote these actions.

※"Start Here" 4 Actions: These actions start with the letters, “D“e “C“o“K“a“T“su

・“D“ecrease energy usage with well-insulated, energy-efficient homes (living in homes that reduce electricity costs through insulation and energy efficiency).
・"C“hoose eco-friendly products for a more enjoyable lifestyle (select LED lights and energy-efficient appliances).
・"K“eep a grateful mindset and minimize food waste (consume all food and use all ingredients)
・"T“elecommute for connected, flexible workspaces (work from anywhere to make anywhere your workplace)."

Furthermore, to promote Decokatsu, we call on organizations (including businesses and local governments) and individuals to make a "Decokatsu Declaration“※. We also request that daily Decokatsu efforts be shared on social media using the hashtag #Decokatsu (in Japanese) to spread the movement.

※As of October 30th, 2023, the number of Decokatsu Declarations is 884 (254 businesses, 87 organizations, 182 (local) governments, and 361 individuals).

In this way, various opportunities are being seized to promote Decokatsu as a demand-side measure toward achieving the 2050 carbon neutrality and 2030 reduction goals.

*The USD/JPY exchange rate is based on the rate as of October 31, 2023.

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